Musgrave - Ireland

Partner solution launched with Musgrave in Ireland. Musgrave is Ireland's leading food retail, wholesale and foodservice company.


Takeout Group was selected as EDENRED partner following a PoC phase related to MyEdenred launch in Spain utilizing the Takeout platform integrating meal ordering piece for order processing and managing the last mile integration applying delivery service. - Denmark

Takeout Denmark is different from other online food ordering portals through its focus on having the largest selection of premium restaurants with only the best quality and service. Takeout Denmark also manages the logistics of its partner restaurants through its innovative and internally developed order dispatching system. Takeout Denmark has more than 15 years of combined experience and holds a solid place on the Danish takeaway market.

Lėkštė.lt - Lithuania

Established in 2012. Lėkštė.lt was the first to offer on-demand food delivery services in Lithuania. The company holds a leading market position within food delivery services with more than 150 restaurants connected to their market place. The company has previously won the prestigious “Youth Business Awards” in 2012; the award for “Best e-commerce project” in Lithuania in 2014; as well as the award “Strongest in Lithuania” in 2016. Lėkštė.lt continuously strives for excellence in process innovation and quality assurance which is widely recognised by both private and business customers.

Takeout - Estonia

Tere! was stablished in 2017 by our Estonian partner Erki. Earlier in life Erki has co-founded several start-ups with a focus and specialization in product management. Later, Erki proceeded to enter the takeaway industry where he has gained a solid track record and industry experience from operating takeaway platforms for the past 5 years. Based on said experience Erki is also involved in different development steps for the new Takeout platform, where his key learnings are valuable.

Takeout – Latvia was launched in 2018 together with our Latvian partner and is managed through Takeout Baltic (holding) company.

Clicklocally - UK

Partner solution established and launched in UK together with Marvel Food. Marvel Food is a food retailer with focus on quality products within the food distribution business.

Bakerlane - DK

Takeout Group established BAKER LANE in order tapping into a growing market opportunity with premium bakery products serving both B2C and B2B clients enabling online ordering and delivery through the TAKEOUT platform. BAKER LANE is attached to the TAKEOUT logistics thus utilizing this last mile solution as an integrated part of the full service solution offered the premium bakery segment.

Bestilonline - DK

Takeout Group partnered with Bestil Online in a joint venture with Bestil Online focusing on “White-label software services for local takeaways”. Bestil Online is supporting the local takeaway by establishing its own application, website and brand marketing provided by the TAKEOUT platform, thus bringing the loyal customers (back) to the restaurants own ordering system. Bestil Online is also offering a 3rd party delivery service via TAKEOUT last mile logistics in place.